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Rapid Edge Sharpening System

You want a "Rapid Edge" edge
not a bench grinder ragged edge!!

$25 per pair.**
(These references say "Worth every penny!")

NO tax*, NO postage,
NO three week wait
because we work in your salon.

* REPAIRS such as finger rest replacement are fully taxable.
Sharpening is a SERVICE.

NOW you say " The other guy comes around every month, and he is cheaper!" DUH! If he can come around every month, he must not be too busy and there is probably a reason. ASK for samples of his work. Can you call him if there is a problem? Does his machine look like the picture above? If not, you're not getting FACTORY QUALITY, Rapid Edge service.

A proper sharpening should last for months, not days or weeks. Some people want theirs done every 3-4 months just because they like that "Sharp as new" feeling. Others are happy with 6-8 months, and some higher quality shears will last well over a year between sharpenings. THERE IS NO SHEAR THAT NEVER NEEDS SHARPENING! EVEN THE CERAMIC ONES DO (Back to JAPAN for those, however).

** Due to the price of gas now, there MAY be a gas surcharge for lower #s of shears or Outside Palm Beach County
--- Before you ask me for a discounted price, ask yourself:
--- Do I want discounted workmanship?
--- No Guarantee?
--- If I can't afford a few extra dollars for factory quality sharpening, can I afford a new pair of scissors if they are ruined ?
--- If my current scissors are not worth $25 to make them work better, should I save my money and buy a better pair instead? (see scissor sales pages)
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