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shear sharpening site logo & index MY SCHEDULE??
Don't have one! I'm FLEXIBLE!! Work a late shift?? Not usually a problem. Call me when you need service.

Anywhere in Palm Beach, Martin, & St Lucie counties! Occasionally in Broward and Dade when someone calls. Why not you?

Weekends, holidays, & out of area may incur a small extra charge. Depends on the amount of work. With the price of gas now, I hope you understand why I can't drive a hundred miles for just $25.

I will not be available:

April 26 2011 - - - SunFest Setup Day ( "Women of Note" chorus BEER booth -- near the North Stage)

May 7 - May 22 - - - vacation

June ?/? - - - Premier show - Orlando - - - I won't be there but here is a warning...

DON'T pay good money for JUNK shears!!!

Call me for advice. 904-710-4450

July 2 - 4 Camping, boating ,kayaking, maybe some fireworks, too.

May 1 2012 - - - SunFest Setup Day ( "Women of Note" chorus BEER booth -- near the North Stage)

Plan ahead!

I will try to personally visit every shop in the area, BUT, that might take a couple more years.
DON'T WAIT for me to find you. Or worse, DON'T be fooled by a slick-talking salesman who says he works for my company or similar lies. ASK for samples of his work. Can you call him if there is a problem? Is he local or only here in the winter? Does his machine look like the picture above? If not, you're not getting FACTORY QUALITY or better, Rapid Edge service.

Remember, your scissors are your paycheck tools, not a lawnmower blade. You didn't buy your scissors at a fabric or vacuum cleaner store, did you? Why would you have them sharpened there?

If you need sharpening or NEW scissors , CALL ME!

The Shear Wizard (a.k.a Roger the Shear Wiz )

561-845-1152(Answer Machine) Push # 1, then Talk slowly and clearly, please. REPEAT your number!
904-710-4450 (cell)

Give your name, Shop name, phone number (with area code) and location. I will call to confirm the details.

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